Sep 2012

Dear WTA Members,

During WHS Senior Class night, this past June, the Winthrop Teachers' Association awarded $2,000.00 in memorial scholarships to the following seniors. We extend congratulations and wish success in college and future endeavors to the entire Class of 2012.

James Barker Stonehill College
Mark Baxter University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Amanda Cordes Franklin Pierce University
Joseph D'Amore Daniel Webster College
Sarah Dearville Framingham State University
Rachel DelSolio Framingham State University
Lauren Kostegan University of Massachusetts, Amherst

p.s. Please know that WTA accepts donations throughout the year from members, relatives, friends, businesses and neighbors. Acknowledgements are sent in memory of a loved one if a memorial donation is made. Please include their addresses when you make this kind of donation. Please write checks to the WTA Scholarship Fund. The WTA Scholarships are awarded to deserving Seniors at WHS Senior Class night.

Thank you,

Ellen Baxter,
Corresponding Secretary
Winthrop Teachers' Association

Lee-Ann Simpson, Doreen Gillis,
Winthrop Teachers' Association
Public Relations